Home Improvement Using Plastics


Redecorating your home can be a daunting task, especially for full time workers & families with little time on their hands. Luckily, there are some cheats & hacks that you can take to freshen up the home with little to no effort. Here are our top picks, chosen from our Pintrest page that you can visit for more further inspiration.

Colourful Bookcases


Separate rooms, add privacy or a splash of colour with these bookcases. These are just ordinary, cheap bookcases with a plastic sheet attached to one side. These can be customised to the unique personality of the home with a range of tints & colours often available.




Vinyls are a quick & cheap way to add personality to a room. These can be custom made plus, if applied & removed correctly, they will not damage the wall & paint.


Acrylic Coffee Tables


Acrylic coffee tables not only give your lounge a contemporary feel, but the transparent material doesn’t visually fill up a room like a wooden table. This makes it perfect for small spaces by providing functionality whilst allowing the space to still appear visually pleasing.


Unique Splashbacks


Splashbacks needn’t be plain and boring. Try painting, papering or even using fabric on your kitchen walls, then simply protect with a clear plastic sheet. The wipe clean surface will protect your pattern & give a gloss finish.


Photo Boards


Putting up an acrylic photo boards around the house allows you to stick pictures to your wall without damaging the paint with Blu-tack. This makes it ideal for landlords renting properties & also if you’d like to change your pictures regularly.