Pharmaceutical, Scientific and Electronics

Hampshire Signs & Plastics are specialist manufacturers of bespoke products for the scientific and pharmaceutical sector. All of our manufacturing processes meet ISO 9001:2015 quality standards and the expertise of our knowledgeable team ensures that we are perfectly placed to offer a tailor-made service to a wide variety of different clients and businesses.

We can offer a complete manufacturing service. This starts with the initial design prototype and moves through improvement phases, culminating in the production of the best possible product. We specialise in delivering bespoke services, tailor-made to specific businesses and clients, and are on-hand to offer all of the help, advice, and professional knowledge that our customers want and deserve.

We help to ensure that all of our clients and their business colleagues can undertake their work in a safe, controlled, optimum environment. We can do this at every stage of the production process, including at the start when customers may need specialist advice. Our experienced design team is available to guide every customer through this stage of the manufacturing journey, offering the most up-to-date knowledge and advice to help navigate the materials and other choices available in the marketplace today.

How we can help your business

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of shields, hoppers, and machine guards for a wide range of industries, along with specialist equipment associated with the handling of hazardous substances and contaminates.

We are experts in the manufacture of containment enclosures of all sizes and designs and can apply this knowledge to a vast array of industries and projects. This can involve the design and production of enclosures where safety is vital for those working with hazardous materials, including those operating in enclosed spaces.

We can create containment enclosures made from white, clear or darkened acrylic that is specifically designed for use in products such as service ports, heaters, and microscopes. All of our units can be fitted with glove access compartments and can offer superior protection for laboratory and other staff working with liquid contaminants, vapours, nanoparticles, gases and any other potentially dangerous substances.

Trust the experts at Hampshire Signs & Plastics

Hampshire Signs & Plastics have more than five decades of experience in the industry and offer an unrivalled service when it comes to the manufacture of pharmaceutical and scientific products. The company is the first choice if you are looking for any of the following:

  • Acrylic microscope enclosures with hinged access doors
  • Laboratory incubators for growing bacteria and other cultures
  • Incubators fitted with glove access compartments for handling dangerous or sensitive materials
  • Ventilation systems
  • Chemical tanks
  • Test tube storage units
  • Glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, nitrogen dry glove boxes, and containment systems
  • Laboratory fume hoods
  • Heater boxes

Our services are not limited to this list, however. Members of our friendly, approachable team are available to discuss any bespoke requirements and specific requests you may have. If you want to be assured of the highest standards of design, production and after-care when purchasing pharmaceutical, scientific and electronics products, get in contact with Hampshire Signs & Plastics today.